Certificat ISO

QHSE policy

Taking into account the challenges, our ambition is for our company TGCTP to become an ideal and benchmark partner in project management in Algeria, to be recognized in our areas of expertise (Earthworks, Civil Engineering, Pipe Laying and their ancillary works, Mechanical Assembly and industrial), close to and attentive to our customers, interested parties and our employees, in a sustainable development approach.

This approach is part of a participatory management perspective in order to guarantee the longevity of our company and allow the adhesion of each of us.

Our development strategy aims to:

- Ensure the sustainability of the company by increasing market share.

- Achieve conforming products / services and satisfy our customers.

- Reduce, or even eliminate, damage to the health of employees.

- Control the significant environmental aspects in view of their impact.

To do this, our objectives are:

- Improve financial health;

- Identify needs and ensure the satisfaction of our customers on time and at the lowest cost;

- Empower, motivate and improve the skills of our employees;

- Manage relationships and take into account the expectations of our interested parties;

- Reduce traffic accidents / incidents;

- Reduce the risks of pollution to the lowest possible level, in particular the spillage of oils and water discharges into the natural environment.

To achieve our goals, we are committed to complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, preventing damage and pollution and providing the necessary resources for the continuous improvement of our QHSE management system. We delegate to the QHSE Director and his representatives, the powers necessary to report on, implement and maintain the integrated management system of TGCTP, and to continuously monitor its improvement.